Ever Ending Kicks (duo) November Western Coastal Tour

Ever Ending Kicks' Paul Adam Benson is joined by Allyson Foster for real-time guitar/bass and singing performances of EEK songs new and old down the Western Coast of USA and back. Yo-yoed by Stephen Steinbrink.

Wed, 13th- Vancouver, B.C.- at Lucky's Comics with Rose MelbergOK Vancouver OK, and Stephen Steinbrink
Fri, 15th- Seattle, WA- at Heartland with Thousands, Julie Byrne, and Stephen Steinbrink
Sat, 16th- Arcata, CA- at Bat Cave Haus (1164 11th St.) with Allyson Foster
Sun, 17th- Oakland, CA- at The Speakeasy (604 56th St.) with Shaggy Sample
Mon, 18th- San Francisco, CA- at Sylvan Annex (427 4th Ave. [4th Ave. and Geary]) with 
Allyson Foster
Tue, 19th- Davis, CA- at Third Space with Tender ForeverPoppet, and 
Allyson Foster
Wed, 20th- San Diego, CA- at Ché Café
Thu, 21st- Santa Ana, CA- at 531 Alton Unit B with 
Allyson Foster 
Fri, 22nd- Los Angeles, CA- at Pehrspace with 
Allyson Foster
Sat, 23rd- Santa Cruz, CA- at 215 Storey with A Year Without A Summer
Sun, 24th- Eugene, OR- at Plank Town Brewing Co. (still all ages)
Mon, 25th- Portland, OR- at Valentines (21+) with Memory Boys and Stephen Steinbrink
Sun, 26th- Olympia, WA- at New Moon Café

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