Posthumous Motorbikes Cassette

"Limited edition of 50 imprinted 5-screw yellow cassettes housed in 2-sided printed and pinked 'pop-tart' cardstock J-card, fresh Norelco box, 2-sided printed and pinked yellow cardstock Obi accent/closure strip, hilarious hand-cut Yamaha YZ-490 shaped color download voucher, and metallic gold serrated certificate wafer seal."

"4 explosive songs recorded as a band using only 1 microphone at the Dept. of Safety (Anacortes, Wa) in July of 2009. All singing and 2 guitar parts were overdubbed. Heavily influenced by the discovery of Rocksteady."


You may or may not be aware that before Ever Ending Kicks, there was Motorbikes. There are quite a few releases under that name, but none since early 2011. Just now, a self-titled ep of unheard material from 2009 was released. Buy it HERE and support upcoming eek releases.