New studio album 'Small' out March 18th

Hi everyone,

It's been so long since I released new music into the world.  It feels like such a f’d up teetering time to be alive, and such a full world with not much room left for little gestures like mine.  That being said, I still believe that the absurd act of making and savoring art is not a distraction but an affirmation, and I really don’t know what else to do but to keep mining and sharing the helpful parts of myself and my reality through song.  

So, here’s a single from my new album called ‘Small’ out January, 2022.  The song is called Epilogue but it’s a good introduction for what’s to come.

The video is a soft edit of the opening scene of this movie called ‘Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives’.  It’s an intensely gentle and surreal movie based on a book by (and directed by) Apichatpong Weerasethakul.  It’s worth watching in full wherever you can find it.  I will take this down if they ask me to.

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Fall 2019 US Tour

Hi everyone,
I have a million new songs totally displacing the old EEK era and I want to share them.  I'm beginning to work on a fall US tour. If your town is not listed here and you would like it to be, and/or you have some insider tips, please write me!  I'll go anywhere I can reach.  More soon, thanks.
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OK, dates are nailed down and plans are being made!  I'll keep adding info here as it is gathered.

9/21- Tri-Cities, WA- Drew & Rachael's
9/22- Missoula, MT - the Red Fence House
9/23- Helena, MT - the Heath
9/24- Bozeman, MT - Labor Temple
9/25- Omaha, NE - Reformed
9/26- Tonganoxie, KS - Myers Hotel Bar
9/27- Springfield, MO - Bookmarx
9/29- Chicago, IL - Big Forever
9/30- Detroit, MI - Bagley Vision
10/01- Toronto, ON - the Baby G w/ Mark Grundy
10/02- Montréal, QC - La Sotterenea
10/03- Portland, ME - the Apohadion Theater
10/04- New Haven, CT - Never Get to be Cool
10/05- Manhattan, NY - Old Scratch
10/06- Brooklyn, NY - Flowers for All Occasions
10/07- Philadelphia, PA - Anthorna Gallery
10/08- Baltimore, MD - True Vine
10/09- Pittsburgh, PA - the Government Center
10/10- Columbus, OH
10/11- Cincinnati, OH - the Comet
10/12- Lexington, KY
10/14- Athens, GA - Buvez
10/15- Murray, KY - Terrapin Station
10/18- Austin, TX
10/21- Denver, CO - Nude City Relief Center
10/22- Salt Lake City, UT - the Mansion
10/23- Boise, ID
10/24- Portland, OR - No Fun